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As a woman existing for passionate creative expression and who dreams in lucid, living colour; I enjoy creating "art" in all of its beautiful, prismatic forms! I'm skilled at traditional, airbrush and digital art, which informs and complements my graphic, web and pattern design for fashion. I'm a music producer and a DJ as well! Life is grand as long as I'm grateful, expressing myself creatively, surrounding myself with beautiful hearts and exemplifying how life is rarely, if ever, black or white... it's mostly rainbows!"

Remember when 1.44 MB was ample space on a floppy disk?!  We’ve come a really long way in a relatively short period of time! 12 TB just suffices now to host my files! I first started working remotely, literally on a farm, in 2001 with a domed white 21″ iMac and satellite internet. I’ve continued working remotely ever since; so I have been uniquely positioned for the recent Covid realities.
Growing up in the mid to late 80s, I found a love for working with some of the first PCs and game consoles. I played a Commodore 64 in ’83, Atari and even mastered Donkey Kong on a ColecoVision. I was the kid that the neighbours called to set up their new Macintosh 128K in ’85. I was also the one in our family to hook up our new VHS player and set up any type of electronic device. It was around then, at 11 or so years old, when I truly realized I had an affinity for computers and electronics.
Later, in the late 1990s early 2000s I began working in the computer hardware repair and refurb industry. I was the assistant manager and technician in a warehouse where we took in old equipment from various organizations, wiped the drives, refurbished/updated the parts and resold them in a storefront for refurb computer equipment… and I loved it!  After that, I worked in an office doing desktop support, setting up networks, installing operating systems and software, doing basic maintenance, updates, hardware upgrades, graphic design and coding websites with basic html … over dialup!  *shudder

I’ve been extensively involved with and intrigued by our digital evolution over the years and I’m excited to see how far we will evolve in my lifetime. The future is here … it’s fast paced, prismatically dynamic and breathtakingly vibrant. I’m ecstatic to continue to be a part of it.

Learn more about my music production/DJ journey on my Music page and more about my art and creativity adventures on my Art page (coming soon, both pages are in progress [2023]).